Courses Taught:

Algorithms for Data Science, [undergraduate++] Fall 2020, UC Berkeley

New Directions in Approximation Algorithms, Fall 2019, UC Berkeley

Algorithms for Data Science, [undergraduate++] Fall 2017Fall 2016, Spring 2016, UMass Amherst.

Approximation Algorithms & Combinatorial Optimization, Spring 2015, UMass Amherst [graduate]

Theory Seminar, Spring 2016.

Reasoning with Uncertainty, Spring 2016, UMass Amherst  [undergraduate], co-instructor: Andrew McGregor

Big Data Algorithms & Applications, Fall 2018, Spring 2015, UMass Amherst [graduate seminar]

Algorithmic Techniques for Big Data Analysis, Fall 2013, University of Minnesota [graduate]


Tomasz Kociumaka (Postdoc, UC Berkeley, Sept 2020-)

Andrea Lincoln (Postdoc, UC Berkeley, Sept 2020-)

Dominik Kempa (Postdoc, UC Berkeley, Jan 2020-Jan 2021, Currently a postdoc at JHU)

Sainyam Galhotra (Ph.D., UMass Amherst, 2016-), Expected graduation: May, 2021

Ari Kobren (Masters Thesis Reader, UMass Amherst–> Oracle)

Vivek Krishnamurthy (Undergraduate Research, UMass Amherst)

Summer Interns:

Manish Purohit (Summer 2013, Ph.D. student, University of Maryland College Park),

Shanshan Ying (Summer 2012, Ph.D. student, National University of Singapore),

Kook Jin Ahn (Summer 2012, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Currently at Google),

Donatella Firmani (Summer 2012, Ph.D., Sapienza University of Rome, Currently Postdoc at University of Rome Tor Vergata),

Harmeet Jandu (Fall 2012, Masters Student, Rutgers University).


James Kersh (Summer 2015, Rutgers University)

Rajesh Jayaram (Summer 2016, Brown University–>CMU)

Sanjay Subramanian (Summer 2017, UPenn–> Allen Institute for AI)